Somewhere between the invention of the internet in the 1990s and today, teams of marketers in larger organisations went from being two or three-person teams to teams of dozens of people. Marketing has become such a massive part of the business structure that in most cases it’s more important than both finance and product. In some cases (and in pure manpower) it’s even bigger than the sales teams that drive the person to person contact in any buying process.

But this has also created a unique problem that is starting to rear its ugly head. There are so many teams…

Source: Fisker

I’m going to forewarn, this article is going to be brutal. There’s a reason why though, it’s because I have zero tolerance in business, trading and generally in life for posers. I cannot stand someone who stands in front of a podium and talks with zero substance. It’s normally why I seldom have time for politics. Automakers are not exceptions to that rule. Anyone who does a lot of talking and not much doing tends to draw my ire.

Fisker, of late, and their CEO Henrik have been one of those automakers who are drawing my ire. And to be…

You’d call it the collective trade that broke the internet. It’s the one story that has had CNBC, CNN and Bloomberg buzzing since mid-last week. The Gamestop Reddit short squeeze. And if you’re confused about what I’m writing here about, or you heard about it and weren’t sure what it meant or (alike to me) you’ve been on holiday to find all hell broke loose on the markets. Never fear, I’m here to explain.

But to do that I feel like I need to start at the absolute start. Let’s talk about Gamestop. If you’re in Australia, Europe, Asia or…

Marcus Tomczak

Marcus Tomczak is a marketing director, investor and writer with 8 years experience in management of medium size enterprise in electronics and automotive.

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